Measuring Tips

Floor Areas Come In All Shapes And Sizes, Before Measuring, Make A Rough Sketch Of The Basic Floor Plan, With Your Rough Sketch In Hand, Start Measuring. Measure Dimensions In Running Feet. Fix The Measuring Tape At One End Of The Room And Run The Tape Along The Other Side Of The Room, Taking Note Of The Measurements Each Time On Your Rough Sketch.

Floor Area=Length Of Room X Width Of Room. Example For Floor Area Measurement: 14'-0" Feet Length X 12'-0" Feet Width, Multiply The Length X Width To Get Total Floor Area = 168 Square Feet.

This Will Enable To Give The Estimate Or Exact Quantity Of Carpet Required. You May Need More Carpet If The Carpet Has A Pattern And Or Designs, The Room Is An Odd Shape Like L-Shape And The Carpet You Choose Has A Different/Odd Width.


After Choosing The Right Carpet, Proper Carpet Installation Is Necessary To Achieve The Perfect Look And Feel For Your Room. We Recommend Hiring A Professional Carpet Installer To Help Ensure You For Satisfied Results. Proper Carpet Installation Will Increase Longevity Of Carpet, Removes Or Eliminates Occurrence Of Floats, It Helps Reduce Ball Formation, Slips And It Improves The Overall Performance Of Carpet. For Best Results Floor Area Should Be Clean And Dry Prior To Installation, The Surface Where The Carpet Being Laid Should Be Even To Avoid Undue Wear And Tear. Underlay Must Be Used On Uneven Floors. Carpet Should Be Stretched Fully And Adhesive Should Be Applied Uniformly Across Floor To Avoid Occurrence Of Floats.

Cleaning And Care Guide

To Extend The Lifespan Of Carpets And Rugs. Cleaning And Care Of Carpets And Rugs Will Prolong The Life Of Carpets And Rugs. We Recommend The Industry Standard Basic Cleaning And Care Steps As Under:


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